Congratulations to DJ Khaled! He released new studio album ‘Grateful‘ on June 23, 2017. Grateful is a celebration of life for DJ Khaled, as he pulls out all of the stops and puts forth the most anticipated release of his career. Featuring appearances from megastars Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Drake, […]

Nowadays, DVD formats is still the most common ways to contain videos and movies. And it is also a safe and easy way to record family videos and collect splendid moments, like wedding, party or baby’s growth with DVD Disc. When you are using a Mac, you may wonder how […]

We were thrilled when Lady Gaga released “Perfect Illusion” her first single in years. Lady Gaga announced that her new album 2016 leading song titled Perfect Illusion will be dropped in September via Twitter on Aug. 17 while the official release date and album name remains in mysterious. But knowing […]

How to create a GIF Makeup Tutorial

br>If you want to share your makeup tutorial on Twitter and ins and want to be understanded easily, you can let GIF instead of Png or JPG. There are several advantages to using animated GIFs and the first is that they have relatively small file sizes; this means that they […]

DVD movies do not always include one subtitle track. Chances are that you need subtitles on your DVD movies to better understand the movie. Here’s how to easily rip unprotected or commercial DVDs with the desired subtitles, regardless of where you’re getting them. Most of you are likely familiar with […]

Dimo Software has released an upgrad version of our products for our users, it includers Dimo Ultimate Video Converter for Mac,BDmate for Mac,DVDmate for mac and Videomate for Mac.The newest sofewares can give you better experience, because the version has fixed some bug and add new functions which are multi […]

You can watch the newest blockbuster on Xbox console with DVD disks. According to the official announcement, Xbox One generates a DVD drive and claims to be able to play DVD, but for DVD collectors, there might be a bad news for DVDs are subject to scratch and more of […]

If you want to enjoy a great user experience with your smartphone, it could be time to purchase all the great accessories just like a VR headset. Made for most smartphones, Sunnypeak works with all the apps on Google Play Store and the Appstore. It is especially convenient to use […]

Who packed your lunch, tolerated your music, and quietly looked forward to the day you would be happy on your own? If anyone qualifies as unforgettable, it is Mother. Mother is the sweetest girl in the world. Recently, even after mother’s day, everyone is looking for the best gift to […]

Mother is the bravest person in the world, they gave birth to us, taught us to walk and everything of life. As their children, we should let them have a meaningful Mother’s Day. So have you prepared a special gift for your dear mother to show your love? Mother’s Day […]