How to Watch Blu-ray in 3D on HTC Vive VR

Virtual reality is here. It’s really fascinating to immerse in a world by using a VR headset and motion tracking to let you sit around a virtual space as if you are actually there. It’s all said, HTC Vive has intrigued the changes among the current wave of VR. Stunning graphics make it feel so real and surreal simultaneously. Once you put on the HTC Vive headset, what you want to do firstly? For me, it’s definitely to watch movies, especially watch Blu-ray Games of Thrones season 6 besides playing games. Is there any out-of-the-box solution for watching 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive? Well, follow this article, you will get the hand-on workflow by some effective tools here.

➤ Part 1 How to covert Blu-ray to 3D movies for watching on HTC Vive VR?

➤ Part 2 Guide to rip Blu-ray to HTC Vive VR for watching in a simple way

➤ Part 3 What the VR players available for playing 3D videos on HTC Vive?

How to covert Blu-ray to 3D movies for watching on HTC Vive VR?

As far as I know, there is no native Blu-ray Disc drive in VR HTC Vive, so if you want to play 3D Blu-ray on VR HTC Vive, the best way is to covert Blu-ray to MP4/MKV in 3D side-by-side or top-to-bottom by the help of a professional 3D Blu-ray ripper, and Dimo Video Converter Ultimate Blu-ray to HTC Vive VR converter is your best choice, it will save your waiting time when converting Blu-ray to 3D for HTC Vive within minutes by 6X fast-mode NVIDIA CUDA speed-up technology and its preset VR profile.

With Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, you can effortlessly convert any 2D/3D Blu-ray to HTC Vive VR with no need of any parameter setting but keeping your Blu-ray round sound such as 7.1 stereo soundtrack and Blu-ray multi-titles. Moreover, with its build-in editor, you could get more shining effects such as "Tint", "Emboss", "Invert" and "Vertigo" SFX effects to create a horror movies or make Christmas videos, including cropping frame size, trimming video, merging segments video and more. For Win users, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, which shares the features with Mac version. Couldn’t wait for viewing 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive? Then, go to download the right version and follow the workflow as below.


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Guide to rip Blu-ray to HTC Vive VR for watching in a simple way.

Step 1: Insert 3D Blu-ray disc into your external BD driver, and launch the 3D Blu-ray ripping software. After importing, click “Add Blu-ray” to load your movies.

backup bluray

Step 2: Go to the “Select Format” bar and follow the path "Device” > “VR” > “HTC Vive” >”Edit” >”3D” > “left-right” or “top-bottom” > “OK”

bluray to vr format


bluray to 3d vr


Tip: If you like, you can click "Settings" to adjust the output video parameters including video encoder, resolution (Most VR resolution at present is 720P), bitrate, frame rate (the higher the better to avoid dizzy, and the highest framerate Dimo supported is 60 pfs). For watching Blu-ray/DVD to VR headset, "MP4 side-by-side 3D Video(*.mp4)" from "3D Video" garage is the best suitable choice after we tested.

bluray to vr setting

Step 3. Hit the “Start” button; this Ripper will start to convert Blu-ray, DVD to SBS 3D MP4 for HTC Vive VR. After conversion, connect the USB drive with computer and head to the destination folder where the converted files are stored (under "Open" button). After that, transfer them to HTC VR headset and play with 3D Video Player app. Now, just enjoy.

What the VR players available for playing 3D videos on HTC Vive?

If you don’t like to watch 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive VR, then you could go to the store and download Whirligig Player and Publisher for windows, both support the Vive, OSVR and any other devices that steamVR choose to support in the near future.

Still have trouble about ripping Blu-ray to 3D videos on HTC Vive VR? Please feel free to Email Us.

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